‎"Welcome to Delta facility soldier, here are your reading materials, inside you’ll find a detailed description of the locations and targets you’ll be facing as well as specific notes about the Thule presence in the Dreamlands. Doctor Carter will brief you about the insertion process, some of the other boys say it’s like following everything you do a few seconds behind. Your first block of time will be spent in the chair getting comfortable dreaming and adjusting to the injections that you’ll need to fully disconnect. You’re doing a great service for your country and world soldier… welcome to project Silver Key"

In 1944 the U.S. military uncovered documents detailing research by the Nazi Thule society into Lucid dreaming and a second reality known only as Das Traumland. Dismissed as one of the Fuhrer’s many fantastical and insane endeavors the military was ready to blackbox the project until approached by Dr. Randolf Carter, a scientist from New England who was not only able to independently verify existence of the Dreamlands, but also provide specific information about the Nazi movements in said alternate dimension, including the presence of the Fuhrer himself. Now 10 years later Project Silver Key, is ready to launch their first Oneironauts into the Dark country to save mankind from the impending horrors that wait on the edge of dreams.

Character creation will be a mix of Dread and NWoD… It’ll be loosely cast and the tone will be serious.

1) The Lucid Dreamer: You’ve always been able to control your dreams, when the weird cat started leading you to people though you never realized that you’d wind up fighting Nazi’s in an alternate dimension

2) The Soldier: You didn’t ask for this detail but something in your test Data made you perfect for this project. The brass haven’t told you much

3) The Captain: You’ve read the briefings, been through the training and have information on all the people in your team. You aren’t sure about some of them and one of them might even be a commie, but you remember The War… and whatever McCarthy thinks about pinkos you know Jerry is 100 times worse.

4) The Scientist: When Dr Carter asked for you specifically you had no idea you’d be exploring chemically induced memetic reality shifts… it’s both fascinating and terrifying but you’re thrilled to have the chance to experience the alternate dimension yourself.

5) The G Man: OSS has been keeping a pretty close bead on this project ever since Carter surfaced. Your presence here isn’t well liked but it’s tolerated, technically the OSS is on it’s way out but you know the US will always need intelligence agents.

6) The Medic: As far as anyone knows you can still get hurt and even die in the dream lands, You saw some weird stuff in the Navy during the war and it’s probably that incident off Nova Scoita where you found that troller… best not to think about that Dr Carter says excessive negative thoughts can spawn things.

Project Silver Key