DAVES(Dreamland Anchoring Variable Engrams)

DAVES are a series of personal details that each Oneironaut is trained to memorize in a very swift manner so as to anchor them in their minds. The Dreamland is a realm of thought and power and without a strong idea of who and what you are you cannot influence or stay in the dreamland for very long at all.

Project Silver Key Scientists have come up with the AEGIS to help collect a series of personal details that allow an Oneironaut to have an aresenal of personal details that they can load when entering the dreamland through the Silver Key.

Normally a character only has as many DAVES as they have permanent Willpower ratings. A few things can alter this however. The first is the Engram roll. If when entering the Dreamlands the player chooses to roll instead of spending a willpower they may receive one of a few effects. On a standard Success, they may load the engrams they have selected for that run. On a failure however they may only Load as many Engrams as they have Resolve or Composure (whichever is lower). On a Dramatic Success the players may elect to load a single additional Engram, and on a Dramatic Failure the player only gets access to a single Engram for every willpower they are willing to spend immediately.

DAVES are highly important because they define almost every interactive aspect of a character in the dreamland. So choosing your DAVES carefully becomes something that Oneironauts are trained to do.

DAVES(Dreamland Anchoring Variable Engrams)

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