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This section of the Wiki is dedicated to the nuts and bolts of project silver key. This game will use a pair of game systems to simulate the split between reality and the dream world. For the most part scenes in the real world will be run using White Wolf’s WoD2.0 system. And the Dream-land that the Oneironauts descent into will be run using Dread.


The recommended source books for this campaign are

  • World of Darkness core book
  • Dogs of War
  • Asylum
  • Second Sight

Furthermore, several new rules will be introduced to simulate the themes presented in H.P. Lovecraft’s fictions. We’ll be pulling heavily from the fan written Cthulhu supplement.

New Advantage: Sanity

Sanity replaces Morality as the advantage in the game. We will use the sanity table in the fan written Cthulhu supplement to track sanity.

New Merit: Lucidity ( o to ooooo)
(requires Wits ooo and Willpower oooooo)

This merit represents a certain amount of control over one’s being in the dreamland. Normally characters must carefully select their DAVES before entering and once in a session they are stuck with their choice. Lucid dreamers however allow the character to add or even switch out their DAVES on a whim. When a character with Lucidity wishes to do this they need simply make a series of Dread pulls.

At lucidity:

o a player may elect to sub in a single Engram at the expense of another for (Sanity – 10) pulls
oo a player may elect to add an single extra Engram for (Sanity – 10) pulls
ooo a player may elect to heal another player of damage for (Sanity – 10) pulls
oooo a player may attempt to change a single engram for 1 pull
ooooo a player may freely change one Engram per scene or heal 1 wound on any other character for 1 pull

New Merit: Open Mind ( ooo )
(Requires Resolve ooo)

Some characters are better mentally prepared for the horrors that face them. Though not truly a resistance to fear this merit represents a characters ability to accept new things more easily than their fellow person. Normally a character must make sanity rolls as dictated by the table in NWoD:Cthulhu. Characters with this merit automatically gain the 9 again rule on their initial sanity roll for degeneration.

New Merit: Strong Self Image ( ooo )
(Requires Intelligence ooo)

Normally characters are limited to their Willpower in Engrams that they can load on any trip into the dreamland. Characters with this merit may also add their Presence to that number when selecting Engrams.

New Merit: Matter over Mind ( ooo )
(Requires Stamina ooo)

When returning from the Dreamland characters normally must make a roll for each injury they exited the dreamland with. For some reason this is much easier for you. On a failed roll you only take Bashing damage and on a successful roll you take no damage. This does not change the effects of a Dramatic Failure.

Taking the Silver Key

To enter the Dreamland, Onieronauts use a cocktail of drugs, mental exercise and shock therapy called “The Silver Key”. Only a small handful of people ever learn how to create the effect and doing so correctly requires an (Intelligence + Medicine – 6) and a test against a lvl 7 Sanity sin. Simply administering the treatment is a much simpler (Int + Medicine) roll with a negligible hit to sanity, as the technician administering the dose simply sees the patient fall into a very deep and very short coma.The character accepting the treatment has a bit of a harder time however. Once the drug is administered the character has only a few seconds to undertake the mental action to lock their engrams in place. This is done by rolling Willpower-5 (or simply spending a point of Willpower). If the roll succeeds then the Oneironaut enters with their standard alottment of Engrams. If the roll fails the Oneironaut enters the dreamland with only as many Engrams encoded as they have Resolve or Composure (whichever is higher). If a player makes a Dramatic Success they my add 1 Engram to their total (taking them above their normal maximum), and if a Dramatic failure is rolled a player must spend 1 WP for each engram that they wish to encode (as opposed to 1 WP for all engrams). Also normally characters can only encode as many Engrams as they have Willpower.

Once the Engrams are encoded the player rolls against their Sanity score. Entering the dreamland is a sanity 3 roll if trained and expecting the shift. Untrained or Unexpected shifts are a sanity 6 roll. Finally to the outside Observer a jaunt into the dreamland only takes one turn. At the end of that turn the Oneironauts return to their minds and are stunned for a moment as they reorient. also they must roll Current Willpower minus the number of injuries they received for each injury they exit the dreamland with. If they fail then the damage manifests on their body as a level of lethal damage for each failed roll. If they succeed then the damage manifests as bashing damage. If they make an overwhelming success then they take no damage from the jaunt no matter what injuries they sustained. If they make a Dramatic failure then the damage manifests as Aggravated damage, and the character must immediately make a sanity 7 roll or suffer deterioration.


Once players are in the Dreamland all interaction is run through the Dread system. “Character questionnaires” are replaced by a characters DAVES which are chosen from their AEGIS The only other Stat which matters in the dreamland is WP which may be spent as a single “free pull” for any action.

Frying out

A character is shunted from the dreamland in one of a few ways. The first and most common is Frying out. If a normally healthy character drops the tower during a run they are shunted from the dreamland and back into their body. A player can fry out for literally any reason. Often times brave onieronauts will fry out to give their allies a boost or achieve some herculean task to help the run before being forced back to reality. (see heroic Sacrifices in the Dread rules)

Whenever a player Fries out they are removed from play until the dream sequence is finished.


A character that is killed in the dreamland is immediately shunted back into the real world and must make a series of wound rolls for each of their health boxes. Also they must make a manditory lvl 10 sanity check. As well as make a check for each Dramatic failure on their wound rolls. Very few people survive Death in the dreamland and return whole.

The gates of kadath

There are exits from the dreamworld known by a very select few. Passing through the gates is unpredictable however and only one known case of a succesful gate exit has been achived.

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